What is Ludeo?

Ludeo is an internal gamification application to develop or complete training or evaluation strategies. It is an effective and entertaining way to promote the culture of the company, the motivation of employees and internal communication.


The gamified training can last as much as needed, with constant updates.


Ludeo is a tool that helps the work of trainers and students through the use of gamification in
a simple and flexible way.


Users compete through games and systems of rankings and achievements,and have fun while completing the training.


Access to training at any time and place, through mobile devices.


The user is at the center of the training process, participating actively and at their own pace.


It allows a constant update of contents, in addition to a permanent dialogue between the company or institution, the trainer and the student through chat, forums or notifications.

We customise the design of the app and include the necessary functionalities that each project requires.
We upload the contents in any format: webcast, pdf, presentations, video tutorials, etc.
We create the appropriate communication channels to facilitate the dialogue between the company, the trainer and the student.
We test the application in multi-device support.

How to use Ludeo?

Ludeo is made up of four sections: Information, News, Training and Games. The contents are loaded easily and users access them at any time to consult them. As they complete the tasks, users add points that allow them to win prizes and move up the ranking. Rewards are established based on achievements and completed tasks.


This section gathers all the updates of the application. They are launched to users through push notifications so that they are informed at all times about new games, training content, deadlines, level updates, prizes, etc.


Navigating to the Information section, you will find the objective of the app, the rules of the game, how to get points, etc.


Different kind of games that can only be solved with the documents hosted in ‘Training’. Quizzes, puzzles, challenges, and other recreational activities allow users to earn points. As progress is made in achieving tasks, new games are unlocked. A ranking reflects the level of the users. Each player can check their evolution in the training process.


Through this section you access the different training materials and actions. For example, in ‘Presentations‘ you can download the documents in PDF format to be able to consult them at any time. In ‘Videos‘, you can download training videos or view them online. You can add a ‘Role Play’ simulator with situations that the user can face in the performance of their day to day work.


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